Tag: sleep

  • morrow


    1206am2-3-23 don’t fret,my love,for the morrowis now today,it is now. so do not trouble yourself with yesterday’s sorrow, our luckmay change, maybe dreamswill follow from their realmthis this one,cross platformgallows

  • stubble

    I won’t shave for anyone anymore.I pay my dues quarterly and On the hap chance you feelThe stubborn stubble, replacingLong blond hairs beneathYour fingertips, and you sayNothing, not unnoticed, justUnmentioned- I would getUpset. I shave when I want to,So I’m not waiting for Anyone’s snarky reply“Oh, wow. Look at whatYou’ve been hiding underAll that granola…

  • dream a dream

    can’t sleepcan’t evencount sheepfilled my belly withcashews,butteredbread it’s freshlyfebruaryand “I’m not evensupposedto be workingtoday” 101am 2-1-23

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