Tag: 2023

  • Banana

    When life gives you bananas, Enjoy them.

  • beastie boys.

    fight for your right to survive, not to party because no one is going to live for you, so choose self love when the world tells you not to.

  • stockpile of shit

    Why bring attention to a problem If you don’t know how to solve it?Well if you’re being told that you’reThe issue, don’t need a tissue, Don’t even need the wordsJust need some good songsWhile collecting the feathers of birdsI agree with you, not sure if weBoth heard the same tone,Got me feeling like ET readyTo…

  • redemption


    August 24 2014 Let the redemption take overFor all is not truly lostIts all in our hands nowAs this time grows olderOnly given one chance

  • bellwether


    Evil sees as evil does.Out of sight out of mind,The angel still is in a bind.No matter if you catechismOr not, polka dotted or stripes the cataclysm ignites! Dreams leave room for peace; a real recovery from the daily fight and grind in this moist, fevered world. Pacifist sees as pacifist does regardless if we…

  • yick yock

    yick yock

    Or maybe you do love yourself, we both tried our best. Do I put my heart on a higher shelf and return at a later time? Wait for the grandfather clock to chime, because my brains in a blender and my souls in a bind. My current build is looking slender yet I’m babysitting and…

  • universe


    There’s a whole universe out there beyond the walls of your mind Take a deep breath, remind your body what it is to be kind Don’t tell me to shut up, I’m overstuffed, time to reallign Wonder if I’ve been blind or just ignoring the signs Aluminum or iron, either one is fine

  • dustpan


    you swept me uplike saw dustand instead of dumping me –all my woodenoak shreds – into the waste bin,you put them all together inyour hand andcrunched them,to make them staytogether, of course. from there, you foundan oak tree, and cutoff a branch – not enoughto injure it – and carveda small wooden dollout of it,…

  • phony


    i used to respect you,almost be envious ofyour freedom, skinbreathing in the wind,long beautiful locks.imagining we couldbe friends. sworn wecould be. you won’t notice thisone unfollow out ofyour tens of thousands.but it hurts for me,because once youshifted from just beinga beautiful soul tomonetizing yourself;you’ve broken the glass,i don’t understand if youve become greedy or confused,…

  • morrow


    1206am2-3-23 don’t fret,my love,for the morrowis now today,it is now. so do not trouble yourself with yesterday’s sorrow, our luckmay change, maybe dreamswill follow from their realmthis this one,cross platformgallows

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