Gently calling out my name
Through a soft spoken splash
Where I didn’t want to gain
Anymore tail whiplash but
For my dear friend who was
At their beginning of a
Black furred journey whose
Light blue eyes sent praise for
My daily sinning keeping me
On track for a matter of ways
Dipping and asking to be held
And thrown back in like the days
Of jumping fish

How did you get in there?
From inspection, you must have
Just jumped on in- left the hotel
Lobby and like a taxicab
Revealing a shell, little ridges
Formed on your body
Ones that hypnotized me as I
Cradled you close to my heart
Not fearing your evolution
Disguised against
The dart of deep jungles
Camouflaged inside
A dreaming revolution

The unknown cradles me when
I sleep at night yet revolving in
Fair harmony a type of
Of post departed revisited melancholy
Fright didn’t hit me while I held the
One hundred pound baby
Because she said she didn’t mind
Being half fish
To be honest I don’t either
Maybe oh maybe

February 23 2015

©That Poetry Book 2023 by Ze Lynxy Rose; Lauren Clark