It’s all inside
Just let the moment collide
Don’t be afraid to close your eyes
And let your mind be all it’s ever asked from
Your imagination land
Don’t be lost when
It gets erased just
Add more love to your logs
Take a moment to
Breathe in all in
And open your arms to
Catch it all in a jar
That you can stir swirl and
When you’re ready break
It and smash to a thousand
Pieces they may cut you
On your toes but embrace it
Steal from your jacket
That keeps you warm in blizzards
Take hold of my hand
Don’t be afraid to close
Your eyes we are going for
A ride you’ll see at the end
When your mind explodes
And your soul takes a bend
Is when the reaper just
Opens the cage and
Set all of your inner birds
And safety free
I just need to change
It from where I’m standing
Here so when they shut
It down where it
Strangles you and
Takes command
New year new time to
Never shed a tear
make it a good one
The best you’ve ever had
when the sun shines
Don’t be afraid to say I’m glad
When the night ends