I live under a rock in the sea
Not made of stone am I
But always shall a fish,
That I will be the bubbles float
around me – only sometimes do I come out

The water cools me
Like a chill in the winter freeze
Soothing the shaking
In your brain – do not be alone, ease,
But embrace the pain
Shadows follow my sight
In my dreams, I’m frightened
And I shan’t turn out the light
Gills abducting the water
Sometimes I wish I was a bit hotter
Since I’m always cold

The fire in the sky may shine
And rescue me from the takers
don’t fall into category
Waste of energy in fakers
Do share from my well
Do not dip bucket without share
Climb out of the hole
And this to you I dare

A fish in the sea

©That Poetry Book 2023 by Ze Lynxy Rose; Lauren Clark