I want a poem to read
When I’m sobbing,
In tears
This is itself,
Is greed to abolish all fears
I know this is what I’ll need
In the latter
Of all my years

For when I’m aching in pain
As right now, holding myself close is when I’ll read this next refrain to give myself a healthy dose of all natural medicine

It’s gonna be alright
And it’s gonna be okay
Rise with the moon at night
And create the light of day

It’s all gonna be okay
It’s gonna be alright
Isn’t it more peaceful this way?
When you give up the fight
When I get a bad memory stuck in my head
For when I start feelin stress
When I don’t have my Led
So that I don’t have to guess

I know exactly what to do
And there’s no where
I need to go
Just say this
through and through
Til the only thing
that I know
Is that….

It’s all gonna be okay
It’s all gonna be alright

It’s gonna be alright
It’s all gonna be okay

©That Poetry Book 2023 by Ze Lynxy Rose; Lauren Clark