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  • harpy

    c’mon harpy brothers, harpy sisters let us bring together our love and spread our wings!  

  • Banana

    When life gives you bananas, Enjoy them.

  • morrow


    1206am2-3-23 don’t fret,my love,for the morrowis now today,it is now. so do not trouble yourself with yesterday’s sorrow, our luckmay change, maybe dreamswill follow from their realmthis this one,cross platformgallows

  • remedy

    moving slow, glistening inthe sunlight, capturing the essence of the morning –it’s a remedy to yesterday’s poisons, glad I didn’t chooseone and chose a sweet icklelittle potion of self love 842am 2-2-23

  • dream a dream

    can’t sleepcan’t evencount sheepfilled my belly withcashews,butteredbread it’s freshlyfebruaryand “I’m not evensupposedto be workingtoday” 101am 2-1-23

  • unwind


    every reason in the world to tryto keep going, going to get bycalloused fingers touching tightened hamstrings, waitingfor my bluebird to sing againshe’s whispering in my ear;sweet gentle tidings for myearly mornin’ risin’, not despisin’ doing my time, at least we canget somewhere new, go somewhere afar if you save up yourcoins and try not…

  • #391

    June 28 201311:27pm Invisible fireIt feels like I’m burning up insideInpatient and ready to goAs heaven and hell collideLike sleeping on iceAn elephant on a tight rope

  • #280

    December 25 2012 9:19pm – 9:34pm If we never went through the fights Never went through yell and screams We wouldn’t be dancing on the lights We’d still be in hell and on the beams Of eternity To get to the rainbow You have to get through the storm To spread the glow Don’t be…

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