• cherry tree, what you mean?

    Shield, and sword, stone and sorcery, we’re all fighting alongside each other – not against one another. Read more

  • tarry on!

    tarry on! fully loaded tally lo! are we owed it?   Chile no longer, daughter or son let us not divide, language is wide live & let live and so on.   dag on! Metal corroded tally ho! late to the show. Read more

  • awareness

    advocate for yourself, because if you don’t – then your neighbor might not advocate for themself, and if they don’t – then the entire world is left heartbroken, with tears left unshed because they weren’t even aware there was a problem. the real problem arises when people choose to deny actual facts. things that are… Read more

  • harpy

    c’mon harpy brothers, harpy sisters let us bring together our love and spread our wings!   Read more

  • Banana

    When life gives you bananas, Enjoy them. Read more

  • beastie boys.

    fight for your right to survive, not to party because no one is going to live for you, so choose self love when the world tells you not to. Read more

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