cherry tree, what you mean?

the things I do

for the humans who remind me

why I still smile, why life

is worth breathing easy over –

for my sweet is uncorrupted, playful –

the Knight whom wanders and wonders,

why I act on defense when one has sword

and I must take the shield.


Shield, and sword, stone and sorcery,

we’re all fighting alongside each other – not against one another.


spending too much time under the cherry tree, may I

reap a belly ache and a napping snore, still such a galore!


It might be a shame if the chile doesn’t stay tame –

it’s all about the side quests in the main story;

life is not a game, and i might just share my story.


so Please don’t tell me your name; sorry not sorry to end

so soon, but at least the cherry blossoms somewhere, somehow

are still in full bloom.


9:33 pm
May 24 2023

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