advocate for yourself, because if you don’t – then your neighbor might not advocate for themself, and if they don’t – then the entire world is left heartbroken, with tears left unshed because they weren’t even aware there was a problem.

the real problem arises when people choose to deny actual facts. things that are not objective; that you couldn’t even base an opinion on because some facts don’t have any emotion associated to them. there are times that just exist in life because – well – that you don’t really need to ask questions, or tell everyone everything and I sure as heck know that – do you? the reader – that is who the ‘you’ is, contextually speaking.

now the real interesting part of life is the fact that even though we may deny the truth at times, it always comes to fruition because that’s how the universe works – it balances itself, no matter if we advocate initially or not. the earth advocates for us, which is why she is our mother. she speaks this in different tongue, action, and truthfully overall speaking, it isn’t always easy.

there is no denying that life throws curve balls at you sometimes, and you have to keep rolling with it. that’s what i’ve been telling myself for many, many moons hoping, praying, and knowing that eventually and evidentially, things will work themselves out – naturally.

be careful what you wish for – because if you wish to be born, or wish to be woke, enlightened, then you shall get what you ask for. however, be careful the contracts you sign, because in turn, it all matters  – no more of this “nothing really matters”, or “nothing really “mattress”” spraypainted on an actual mattress surrealist bullocks.

the mistake i think is more so is people acting out of malice, not love. we need more peace, we need more understanding, compromise, empathy, to take deep breaths and remember we are not a planet in reality, even if we appear that way to the tiny ants that roam the soil and wandering countertops of our kitchen if sugar was left out – because they too have a sweet tooth.

despite humans being chemically bacteria in one beautiful or ugly shape or another, we are all in this together – so let’s try to be united.

or at least unitedly co-existing, may blessings fall upon our civilization, our human race and the other species that we co-exist with at this time on Earth. fore it isn’t much longer we have before things are irr-reversible; not able to be changed back; we can’t just start deep ocean mining, we can’t just throw our litter into the floating atmosphere that seems ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

if we made the mess, let’s clean it up. there’s billions of us now, so let’s try to get along. there isn’t much of another choice, pretty sure on that one – even though it’s just my opinion, (hu) – man.

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