stockpile of shit

Why bring attention to a problem
If you don’t know how to solve it?
Well if you’re being told that you’re
The issue, don’t need a tissue,
Don’t even need the words
Just need some good songs
While collecting the feathers of birds
I agree with you, not sure if we
Both heard the same tone,
Got me feeling like ET ready
To phone home, but now I’m
Grown and have lived a full
Life, gotta continue with peace,
Some smiles and giggles, no
More time for strife or being
Put under the knife, the true
Happiness stems from choosing
To see the positive in the actions
Around – don’t just collect all
The shit you’ve found and
Stockpile, cause there’s too much
Sadness in this world and it wouldn’t
Take a while – it would take too damn long

So stay strong, embrace your struggle
And huggle yourself close, juggle your hobbies and fresh breath, life isn’t as much of a test, why we go to school,
Even it we drool and fail, at least we
Tried to make the shot, and hell this
Isn’t very great…

It’s just the best that I’ve got

1259pm 10/2/23

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