lorde of the flies

So I put some soap in a bowl

Of juice and hope it Kills all

Of the fruit flies that are now

Going to overtake someone’s kitchen;

And on the Victorian style back porch-

it burns hot like 100 degrees!

Making me drip with balls of

Sweat develop beneath my skin

and I somehow feel even more

Sick than yesterday after it happened.


Fucking flies all over this

Goddamned house, I don’t want

To be lord of the fucking flies,

Maybe they’ll all just die-

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Wouldn’t that be oh so grand- to just

Kill all those little damn flies?


So now I’m gonna go sit out in the sun and

No longer am I the cute sleeping angel

On the couch- now I have arisen and

The hacking of bronchitis, unexpected lungs

And it is really fucking humid out. I hope this spit

Doesn’t somehow hit me.


Everything’s going to shit, quickly it seems

That I’m being revoked as the queen for

Burning up is not my scene

Sitting beneath the hanging ivy green,

I’d like to be relocated to the

Ice caps of someone else’s dream.


I don’t want to just go back home

But I’m allergic to cats and I ate

Too much damn cheese, why must I

Feel the breeze of a hurricane,

Would feel better right now to

Just go jump on a train and

Escape school, leave it all be

And I’d meet a mermaid and

Go fall into the sea
11:15pm 9/10/16

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