bonne chance

August 25 2014

break a twig or
snap a branch –
your ninja then revealed…

you can try to walk run or dance









no matter how close you stalk
you’ll never catch 
bonne chance!

traveling only at the darkest hours
a solitary conquest where
he blinds ongoers with his trance
smokeless sober harvest
no ones as clear headed as Bonne chance!
when you see his grey cloak
and eyes filled of black 
don’t be intimidated by his stance
he may have ears but he’s the farthest thing from whack

he’s only just Bonne chance
with whiskers like kittens
and sunshine as fur
i’d knit you tiny mittens because
even at a single glance you warm my heart
my dear Bonne chance

Cute bunny in a cloak - Bonne Chance created by Lauren Clark for That Poetry Book.

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