Evil sees as evil does.
Out of sight out of mind,
The angel still is in a bind.
No matter if you catechism
Or not, polka dotted or stripes the cataclysm ignites!

Dreams leave room for peace; a real recovery from the daily fight and grind in this moist, fevered world.

Beautiful lavender flowers taken by Lauren Clark.

Pacifist sees as pacifist does regardless if we like it or knot, have you untied your tensions from the stressors of your sought?

Hope tried to leave the world and he didn’t do so very lightly, left himself in quite the jam where the steaming percolator’s pressure is now slightly sightly.

A bit of ice could cool down this place, and of course this must be the place eh? Did we listen to well to The Talking Heads and burnt down the house? Left lonely in a smoky world where the flames were lightly dowsed, we better get our act together or the biggest of our problems – collectively as a human race – will literally be the blind leading blind bellwether.

1140pm 8-13-23

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