yick yock

Or maybe you do love yourself, we both tried our best.

Do I put my heart on a higher shelf and return at a later time?

Wait for the grandfather clock to chime, because my brains in a blender and my souls in a bind.

Wood grandfather clock in pastel colored galaxy clouds created by Lauren Clark for That Poetry Book.

My current build is looking slender yet I’m babysitting and feeling like the real chile, tears at random, no help needed for laying on a cloud.

I tend to bow and drift but I’m trying and relying on a little bit more then luck – do I want to win the PowerBall or know when the intelligent time is to “shut up”?

If given the opportunity, it may be one in the same where one legs strong and ones left lame, if I keep judging books by their covers then I’ll keep adding to a list, just to reminisce – but…(which just means fuck everything I said before this).

8-6-23 12:10am


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