square 1

confusion to the 10th degree
maybe what I’m feelin’ is destiny 
hard work laid out inside metal
algorithms and technology
feeling stripped down, unplugged
with my spirituality and now at
the back of the skull its grabbing 
me to find my own sense of
ecstasy, of symmetry of what
i want this whole world to 
mean to me

Someone standing hiking on a butte looking at a rainbow in nature. Created by Lauren Clark for That Poetry Book.

pleasantly little time dogs have found 
my floral branches and seldom
do they bark up the wrong tree
something is pulling from inside
not something you can be shy
about like a melody that doesn’t
collide breathlessly with chemistry
slowly finding the music that
creates me, carefully or dreadfully
as a rope appears out my mouth
telling me to “pull!” and with 
the flick of a wrist I’ve arrived
in nirvana pressing between
pages a sticky, electric flower
and that’s the last of my addiction,
of falsified restriction and all those little
pills and tabs and capsules
found the door on their own

now I’m back to square 1 like
the day that I was born:

February 26, 2020


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