I won’t shave for anyone anymore.
I pay my dues quarterly and
On the hap chance you feel
The stubborn stubble, replacing
Long blond hairs beneath
Your fingertips, and you say
Nothing, not unnoticed, just
Unmentioned- I would get

I shave when I want to,
So I’m not waiting for
Anyone’s snarky reply
“Oh, wow. Look at what
You’ve been hiding under
All that granola hippie
Hair.” Not because that’s
What I expect, I just
Want my actions reognized

Maybe I’ve realized once more
That falling in love shouldn’t
Ever be a chore, should be
Not wanting to turn off the
Alarm just to hit snore, should
Be a journey where both
Want to implore

I’ll wear the crystal shield,
You wear the crystal skull,
Pump the breaks, pump
The wheels, pump up
The volume, overfell

1010pm 2-1-23

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