every reason in the world to try
to keep going, going to get by
calloused fingers touching
tightened hamstrings, waiting
for my bluebird to sing again
she’s whispering in my ear;
sweet gentle tidings for my
early mornin’ risin’, not despisin’

Jade green forest with fog. Created by Lauren Clark for That Poetry Book.

doing my time, at least we can
get somewhere new, go some
where afar if you save up your
coins and try not to lie – to your
self or in your aura, your clothing
your fascinating description of
how delinquent and underdeveloped
culture is when it comes to
the troops, the groups that led
to quite a demise, long jacket
and buzzer fade, the devil would
be dripping drop every ounce of
the finest leathers and threads.

wearing what he might hope
was the most miserable dead
and for that reason and that
grasp, maybe that’s why i’m not
going to shout from the tops
of parking garages, i’m settling
down sweetly in the creedance
of my mind –

don’t get me started

i’m just about

to unwind



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