December 25 2012
9:19pm – 9:34pm

If we never went through the fights
Never went through yell and screams
We wouldn’t be dancing on the lights
We’d still be in hell and on the beams
Of eternity

To get to the rainbow
You have to get through the storm
To spread the glow
Don’t be cold but be warm
Act how you were born –
No need to cry. Just dance

Hurts when I think about
why I got those scars
Pretty when I see the fallen snow
Miraculous when I’m
gazing at all the stars in the sky
Funny when realize I just don’t know
(Why I held myself back)

If I hadn’t fallen down
I wouldn’t have gotten back up from above
The last time I tried to fly from the ground
I might have not remembered I was a dove
And I have wings

Don’t blame yourself for the fool
Learn from his mistake
Not your fault he lost his jewel
Just learn to not break
Your crystal
(the crystal you were given)

Think ten years back to this night
Do you recall every time you cried
Your memories aren’t black and white
Instead try and have some pride
For every time you smiled
Even if it’s not many, if you piled
Them all up together than you’d
Never be under the weather

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